Friday 25th April 2008

by Brittany

This morning I found an email in my inbox. It was from a soldier friend letting me know that he finally made it home from Iraq. While he was gone our family prayed for him, and I would try to imagine what it was like for his family to have him gone in Iraq, even though they believed that God would take care of him and bring him home safely.

I could write for a very long time about the war and all my wonderings and questions about it, but I won’t for right now. I’m just rejoicing that my friend made it home safely. Many soldiers didn’t, and I cry for them, and their families. Statistics sometimes tend to numb. It takes away the humanness of the loss. I try to remember that each number in those statistics was a living, breathing person that someone loved very much.

War is a terrible thing for all parties concerned; the victor and the vanquished alike. I think that we forget that sometimes—in comfortable America—because most of us don’t really feel the effects of it. In WWI and WWII, the American people had to sacrifice for the war effort. They had to do without. I wonder if we as a nation would be so ready to go to war if it required that kind of sacrifice now.

For those who lost someone in this war, I cry for you. And for those that are yet waiting for that “finally home” for their loved one, I’m praying for you, and your loved one(s).

In the end, for the Christian, “finally home” doesn’t come until the end of our life here on earth. May we supremely treasure Christ, and show others how to make Him the supreme treasure of their lives until “finally home” comes for us all.

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