Monday 28th April 2008

by Brittany

I’m reading.

I’m reading.

In one instance, I’m reading from a book, and another time I’m reading on a computer screen. (Here’s a grammar question: do you read from, or on a computer screen?) These days I find myself reading on the computer more than from paper books. I greatly appreciate the variety of material available, and the ease of taking my laptop with me, and with it, a multitude of reading material (more than I could carry with me in paper!).

I’ve noticed, though—rather to my dismay—that I tend to read too fast when I’m reading on my computer, especially when I’m reading through blog posts in Google Reader. I tend to “skim” more than actually reading, and then realize what I’m doing and slow myself down. For some reason I seem to associate “computer” or “online” with “speed”. :) Maybe this isn’t an issue—maybe I’m saving myself time? It just seems like a waste of time to skim something and not remember very much from it. I’m seriously thinking about cutting back on Google Reader. Maybe limit myself to five blogs at a time, and rotate which blogs I follow?

Do any of you read faster on-screen than you do when reading from a book?

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