Saturday 17th November 2012

by Brittany

This fall was wonderfully crazily busy!

Sewing, traveling, organizing, clearing out things I no longer need, and gardening were all part of the fall. I took a break from delivering babies, but got new, and wonderful clients. Soon it will be time for lots of babies again—along with the holidays!

I drafted a pattern for a medium-weight knit fabric wrap with long sleeves and sewed it, greatly modified a bodice pattern and sewed a nice wool dress, drafted a pattern for a wool vest for my 13 year-old brother. I traveled to NE, and visited friends in KS and OK on the way to and from. I helped a friend work on her wedding dress.

I perfected a tortilla recipe that uses only flour, water, and salt, and it’s soaked, and tastes almost the same as our old favorite recipe which had (as additional ingredients) baking powder, and oil. Our new recipe is much cheaper, and simpler, and is mixed up ahead of time—thus cutting the preparation time in half, or less!

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