Wednesday 29th January 2014

by Brittany

Seeing… my husband working on a project/program across the room.
Hearing… our essential oil diffuser and the space heater running, and typing. Lots of typing.
Smelling… oregano essential oil.
Tasting… nothing. But my mouth is watering, thinking of the pineapple cranberry chutney that’s sitting on the fridge.
Needing… to mail a package across the country to someone having a birthday next week.
Wanting… to have hot soup and rosemary potato bread for lunch.
Regretting… time spent on frivolous things. Pondering what I need to change in my life (and remove from my life) to spend more time in God’s Word, and in prayer, and serving others.
Feeling… my feet getting cold in spite of my fuzzy slippers.
Wishing… That I knew what to do about several things/opportunities that have come up in my life lately.
Thinking… about my to-do list.
Laughing… at some of the things my (no-longer) little brother says when he comes over to our house.
Recovering… from being rather tired lately, off and on.
Believing… that God shall supply all our needs, and that it will be a wonderful adventure to see how He leads us this year!
Anticipating… needing to get off the computer and grind grain and make bread!!
Praying… for strength to be a steady do-er. for mercy for dear friends and family who are going through hard things. for more love—for others, and for Him.
Reading… Leviticus, and Paul’s epistles to Timothy. Oh, and my NNR Textbook. (Actually, that last item was from last week.)
Singing… “For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that which I’ve committed unto Him against that day!” (We read this passage in our Bible reading this morning.)
Preparing… for tonight with “our kids” (Bible study), two parents’ birthdays, and several upcoming events.
Remembering… that I really need to get into exercising daily—and wondering how best to do that when it’s 20 degrees outside. ;)
Trying… to stay warm. And mostly succeeding.
Questioning… if I should do more midwifery or not.
Fearing… that I am not sufficient. (And realizing I’m not. God is. I’m not. So I can trust in Him.)
Loving… my wonderful husband and this adventure we’ve undertaken. :)
Googling… “hold fast the form of sound words, which thou has heard of me” (Paul to Timothy)
Choosing… joy, and to trust God, and keep seeking His will in all these various situations/opportunities.
Working… on a resume’ for someone.
Emailing… my mother-in-law.
Texting… two newly-pregnant friends. :D
because there is so much for which to praise Him!

No, this really doesn’t count as a blog post, but… :)

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