After reading, “Through Gates of Splendor”, and “The Savage My Kinsman”, I took up this book for more of the same. I was not disappointed. This book was filled with excerpts from Jim Elliot’s journals, and interspersed with Elisabeth’s commentary and additional information that put the entries in some context. This book moved slower then the previous two, but was absolutely worth the read.

This book was powerfully inspiring and motivating. The journal quotes breathed such love and fervent, passionate devotion to God. His preoccupation with the things of God, the way he viewed all of his life as a sacrifice for the service of Christ, helped reveal to me the areas of my life in which I still viewed my life as “my own”. Reading this book stirred a lingering desire in me to be a missionary and share the gospel with those who have never heard, as it laid bare how empty this life is if not devoted to things that matter in eternity.

Although his passion was extraordinary, at least when compared with the majority of Christians today, he did have times of discouragement and despair. He was not without his weaknesses, yet he did not let those times or temptations dissuade him from seeking his treasure–Jesus Christ.

Jim Elliot was encouraged by friend and family to remain in the states to stir up the American Christians. He did not, saying that Americans had the Scriptures, and he could not stay while there were other peoples that had never heard, and didn’t have the Scriptures. I find it a marvelous working of God that in following his calling to go to Ecuador, Jim Elliot did both–was a witness in an unreached people group, and yet, also stirred up, and continues to stir the American Christians who hear his story, and read his story–a life lived passionately for God.

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