The god of IT?

03 May 2008

I just read this article by Have you ever thought of information as a god? I hadn’t thought of it that way…exactly. The article well describes how easy it is to get distracted with, and waste time on a computer. Computers and technology are so useful, and I am incredibly grateful for them, and the good they enable us to do, but I also agree with the author that they can so easily take away time that should be devoted to our relationship with God…or our family, or others.

I realize relationships with my family and friends take time and work, and I’m willing to put effort into cultivating good relationships. In other words, I value them. But sometimes when it comes to my relationship with God, I tend to think “He will always be there when I need Him, whether or not I’m able to spend a lot of time with Him.” When I think about it though, that is not the right attitude at all! That is treating God as though He is of even less importance than my family and friends. Almost like…a vending machine. Ouch! I should want to spend time with Him. So why don’t I, at times?

Perhaps it is because even though I do have a desire for meaning in this life; for doing hard, worthwhile things, it’s so easy to let all the information fill up my time…and then there is far too little left for the important things.

I think an “information sabbath” is a good idea. And I think maybe two a week would be even better…at least for me. ;)

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