This week, thanks to a friend of mine, I read the trilogy by Penelope Wilcock called The Hawk and the Dove. Without writing a book report on it—although I may do that later—I’ll briefly say that the book is a collection of stories a mother tells her daughter about their ancestors who lived during the middle ages, two of whom were monks who lived in a monastery. Most of the stories are of the men living in community in the monastery. Now I’ve made it sound like a dull book, but it was just the opposite, and the characters in it were very real people. The Hawk and the Dove contained very honest portrayals of human struggles and suffering, and the questions we face in life. I’m still digesting all I read. But, to get to the quote I wanted to share…

In book two, entitled “The Wounds of God”, Melissa’s mother (she is the one telling the stories in the book) shares with her daughter:

…[W]e can offer no solutions, no easy answers, to other people’s tragedies. We can only be there. It is Jesus they need, not us, and even he offers no answers. He offers himself. It is when people find their way through to him that the pain of their life becomes the pain not of death, but of birth. A thing of hope.

That is so true. So often, there is nothing to say to ease someone’s pain. Simply being there, and loving them like Jesus, and pointing them to Him and to His love and His comfort is enough, and better than trying to say something.

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I stand to praise You

But I fall to my knees;

My spirit is hungry

But my flesh is so weak

- Bill Maxwell

Have you ever said this to explain why you were impatient, angry, frustrated, or otherwise not demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit:

“I’m just tired. Once I get some sleep I won’t act this way. I’m just not feeling like myself today.”

I know I have. How many times have I used that excuse for why I’m not walking by the Spirit? Too many. But I don’t have to fall into that trap. How much better would it be if I would admit my own weakness and  depend on His strength!

I’ve thought about this issue several times before, but this article inspired this post today.

The weakness I’ve been feeling most lately is my failing to schedule myself well. I have so many things I want to do, and not enough time to do all of them every day. And one thing that has particularly been slipping is my study of the Word. And I feel terrible about it. Yet day after day goes by, and I don’t get much more time in the Word. And I know it is my own fault. I can choose to put my relationship with Him first—so why don’t I? I read my library books, answer emails, study political theory and law, writing, and yet…I leave “that which is needful”.

I know I have the time to do everything that God has called me to do. He doesn’t give me more than I can handle. So instead of making the excuse, “I’m just too busy right now! Once my life settles down a little bit I will be fine,” I will throw myself on His mercy, and grace, and depend on His strength. =)

You are my strength when I am weak,

You are the treasure that I seek;

You are my All in All.

When I fall down, You pick me up,

When I am dry, You fill my cup;

You are my All in All

Jesus, Lamb of God

Worthy is Your name…

-Dennis Jernigan

Contrary to what you might think, I have actually been thinking about posting on here—a lot. I have several ideas for future posts, but they all would take considerable time to organize, and I have not taken the time to do it yet. Some day!

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