How do you *think* best? Do you get a nice hot cup of tea and snuggle up in a chair by a fire? Do you go for a long walk in the country? Do you go for a drive? Or do you write?

I like to go for walks to think, but I think best as I write. It helps me organize and prioritize and just formulate my thoughts in general. Not that they come out organized to start with, but writing them down helps me work through them. It’s quite interesting. And then I can see them and re-arrange them…all that good stuff.

And it doesn’t particularly matter whether I’m writing on a keyboard or on paper, although I admit that I love to use old fountain pens and ink when I have the time (which isn’t very often). There is something particularly satisfying in the nostalgic look of ink.

Speaking of writing, has had several excellent posts on writing: by writers, for would-be writers: Writing Without Inspiration, Becoming a Writer, On Writing [Concisely], Writing by the Book , and, A Moment to Write.

Hopefully these will encourage you if you are a writer (or working to become a writer-as I am!), and give you some useful tips that you can put into practice. I thought that “Writing Without Inspiration” was helpful, because so often that’s what we must do—write when we aren’t feeling at all inspired.

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